The Eight Propositions from The Heist Project will be performed via

In-Studio Performance

New and Vintage Repertory - Belinda McGuire and MADboots

In April, will be performing three solos of mine in Brooklyn.  For diversity, and because I think they are wonderful, I'll be sharing the program with MADboots (an all-male company directed by Jonathan Campbell and Austin Diaz).  We look forward to sharing vintage repertoire, along with newly completed work and excerpts from soon-to-be premieres.

April 26th 2014  


@ GALLIM DANCE/The Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew

520 Clinton Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11238-2211


Tickets $5



Toronto, Canada

March 7-9, 2013

Harbourfront’s Enwave Theatre

New York, NY

December 1-3, 2011

Joyce SoHo


March 7, 2013

“Even in a stark studio setting, without benefit of theatrical lighting, dancer Belinda McGuire is riveting.

Her lithe body pulses with potential. It explodes into complex sequences of spiralling turns and jutting arms that suddenly give way to moments of intense stillness. Every movement is clearly articulated and purposeful, even when McGuire seems to be riding a wave of momentum.” (MICHAEL CRABB)

December 2011

“Her ability to go instantly from light to dark, still to explosive, silly to deep, is impressive and continually startling.”

“McGuire, though, throws off flashes of virtuosity from nowhere, blasting fast jumps or other large explosive devices so quickly they seem improbable. The power in her body is remarkable, as is the sheer volume of movement in this piece and the evening...”  (QUINN BATSON)

“Reaching her arms out, with her dark hair flying, Ms. McGuire uses momentum to whip in and out of twists that place her body on a ragged edge of control. There are stops and starts; she arches her back, allowing the fine muscles of her shoulders to glimmer, nearly ghostlike, in Kate Ashton’s lighting. Even though it ends up where it starts, there is a hint of mystery along the way.” (GIA KOURLASS)